April, 2019

The European Neoantigen Summit is the leading meeting dedicated to enhancing the specificity and personalised nature of cancer vaccines and cell-based immunotherapies through the use of individualised, immunogenic neoantigens.

The 2nd Annual European Neoantigen Summit which took place in April 2018 was focused on supercharging tumour targeting through the identification, prediction, and utilisation of the most cutting-edge neoantigen strategies. Join the leaders across pharma and biotech to discuss how the current in silico methods for identifying neoantigens will spur on the next generation of personalised cancer immunotherapies.

This meeting is for:

  • Biotech
  • Large Pharma
  • Academics Looking to Network with Industry
  • Tumour Sequencing and Bioinformatics Service Providers
  • CMOs
  • CROs

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"This meeting was the most comprehensive survey of the emerging field of neoantigen-based therapeutics with excellent speakers" - Argos Therapeutics