April, 2019

Workshop A
Tuesday 24th April, 2018

09.00 - 12.00
A Leap Forward in Neoantigen Identification and Prediction

Identification and prediction of neoantigens forms the basis of effective individualised therapies in this space. The implementation and constant development of bioinformatics approaches underpins this process and must interrogate a number of key areas to guarantee effectiveness including

  • Analysing data from matched tumours and normal samples to identify tumor specific neo-peptides
  • Prediction of MHC class I and MHC class II antigen presentation of neo- and normal peptides
  • Neo-epitope identification guided by eluted HLA Mass-spectroscopy data
  • Prediction of neo peptide immunogenicity

This workshop provides you with a comprehensive view of the techniques and technologies currently being used to develop neoantigen-based therapies.

Workshop Leader: Morten Nielsen, Professor,  Group leader Immunoinformatics and Machine-Learning, Department of Bio and Health Informatics, The Technical University of Denmark  

Workshop B
Tuesday 24th April, 2018

13.00 - 16.00
Optimizing Manufacturing Processes for Individualised Cancer Vaccines

The manufacture of individualised therapies presents a huge logistical challenge and requires a complete overhaul of current systems. This session provides a detailed insight into upscaling the manufacture of individualised cancer vaccine to meet market demand:

• Key considerations when manifesting therapies centred
around each of the prevalent modalities
• Manufacturing individualised therapies at scale
• What steps can be taken to ensure that your neoantigen
based therapy is affordable?
• Cost-effective methods for sourcing key materials
• Strategy alterations for combination therapies

This workshop highlights the key areas of manufacturing for neoantigen vaccines. Leave the session with actionable insights for the planning, implementation and maintenance of manufacturing strategies for personalised cancer vaccines.

Workshop Leaders: Agnete Fredriksen, CSO, Vaccibody  –  Andrea van Elsas, CSO, Aduro Biotech