April 23-25, 2019

Caprion Biosciences


Caprion Biosciences:

Caprion provides GCP/GLP/GCLP immune monitoring and proteomics services to 50+ major companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for their vaccine and immunotherapy programs.  Caprion’s immune monitoring business unit, ImmuneCarta®, offers proprietary multiparametric flow cytometry for functional analyses of innate and adaptive immune responses.  ImmuneCarta offers a complete menu of off-the-shelf and customizable assays to characterize and monitor immune response during discovery, pre-clinical, and Phase I—III clinical development. Caprion’s proteomics division, ProteoCartaTM, offers gel-free, label-free mass spectrometry for comprehensive quantitative and robust comparative measurement of proteins across large sets of biological samples for discovery and validation of protein biomarkers.