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Weaponising Truly Individualised Therapies

The 4th Neoantigen Summit Europe was the industry-led meeting dedicated to the robust prediction, identification and validation of neoantigens to develop potent tumorigenic immune responses.

This exclusive community joined online to virtually network and learn from the leading experts in pharma, biotech and academia, taking part in stimulating discussions around shared and personalised neoantigens and how to realise the potential for neoantigens to create truly individualised cancer therapeutics.

The agenda contained 3 days packed with dedicated, interactive content exploring how to increase precision of high quality neoantigen target identification using AI heuristics. Download the 2021 programme to learn more.

Snapshot of Our World Class Speaker Faculty

Hear What Past Neoantigen Summit Attendees Have To Say

"The relevance of neoantigens in the clinical efficacy of immunotherapy is beyond doubt. However, several fundamental and practical questions remain unanswered and this meeting is an opportunity to discuss these issues with experts of the field."

Alexandre Harari, Group leader, Department of Oncology UNIL CHUV, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Lausanne

"Targeting neoantigens will be the next wave of cellular therapy. I have very high expectations on the clinical activity of neoantigen directed therapies!"

Joost van den Berg, Head of Facility Pharmacist, Netherlands Cancer Institute

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