Optimise the Robust Prediction, Identification & Validation of Neoantigens to Create Truly Individualised Neoantigen Vaccines

This event ran 26-28 April, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Weaponising Truly Individualised Therapies

The Neoantigen Summit Europe is dedicated to the robust prediction, identification and validation of neoantigens.

Pioneers in this exclusive industry convened in Amsterdam to network and learn from experts in pharma, biotech, and academia. Exclusive discussions addressed topics including shared and personalised neoantigens and explored the full potential of neoantigens in creating truly individualised cancer therapeutics.

From understanding the latest clinical insights to defining and characterising the best epitopes, reviewing vaccines post-COVID to exploring emerging investment in foreign tumour antigens, our 3-day agenda was packed with dedicated content to help professionals from the personalised cancer vaccine community increase the precision of high quality neoantigen target identification.

Download the full 2022 programme here to see what we covered.

2022 Agenda Highlights

    • Navigated clinical trial rationale and understandings in selecting the best vaccine platform to achieve required clinical goals with Valo Therapeutics, Odimma Therapeutics, and BioNTech
    • Explored innovative identification techniques and other novel models used for neoantigen prediction with Evaxion Biotechnologies, Annoca, and Frame Therapeutics
    • Optimised immune priming in neoantigen-based cancer vaccines for enhanced efficacy of treatment with Nykode, Immunetune, and Vaximm

2022 Industry Leading Speakers Included

Agnete Fredriksen

Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer

Nykode Therapeutics

Andrew Allen


Gritstone bio

Barbara Loesch

Head of Technology and Innovation


Jessica Matta

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer

Odimma therapeutics

Peter Sondermann


Tacalyx GmbH

Experts from the Following Companies Joined Us