Supercharging the Clinical Translation of Efficacious Neoantigen Vaccines & Immunotherapies for Patients in Need

24-26 April, 2023 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Weaponising Truly Individualised Therapies

From screening technologies directing identification, prediction, and validation of neoantigens; to translating personalised medicine to the clinic, the Annual Neoantigen Summit Europe returns to Amsterdam, as the only summit in Europe dedicated to advancing exclusive tumour antigen discovery and personalised therapeutic development within the world of immunotherapy.

Devoted to the successful discovery, translation, and development of individualised neoantigen vaccines and cell immunotherapies, join 150+ experts at the forum, as they navigate validation of neoantigen targets and review methodologies/technologies to support with translating neoantigen-based studies effectively to the clinic.

Join us in 2023 for the latest preclinical updates, and evaluate the hottest clinical data from leading biotechs, such as Nouscom, Gritstone, and BioNTech, CurVac.

2023 Agenda Highlights


Examine critical factors for successful translation of personalised therapies into the clinic with Geneos Therapeutics, Curvac, Transgene, Nykode Therapeutics and Immunetune


Enhance various methods to increasing the precision accuracy of identifying neoantigens with The Netherlands Cancer Institute and Precision BioLogic


Delve into the how to overcome specific challenges in vaccine manufacturing for targeting neoantigens with BioNTech


Navigate delivery platforms and technologies to leverage to move the neoantigens to the next stage with ACM Biolabs, Strike Pharma and Immunetune

2023 Industry Leading Speakers Included:

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