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With COVID-19 bolstering companies developing neoantigen-based mRNA vaccines and neoantigen-specific TCRs gathering momentum, the neoantigen immunotherapy world remains as hot as ever for those dedicated to delivering the promise of truly individualised cancer therapy.

The Neoantigen Summit Europe remains the only industry-led meeting dedicated to the robust prediction, identification and validation of neoantigens to develop potent tumorigenic immune responses.

Be at the forefront of essential discussions on the future extension of the neoantigen discovery domain and the extrapolation capabilities of epitope prediction tools for infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Register your interest for the 2023 Summit here.

Here's What You Missed at the 2022 Summit

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Discuss methods for achieving robust clinical outcomes of cancer vaccines, into lasting benefits for cancer patients with Genentech, Vaxon Biotech and Nouscom

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Enhance the plethora of methods to increasing precision accuracy of identifying
neoantigens with University of Lausanne, Evaxion Biotechnology and Annoca

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Explore the latest updates in vaccine manufacturing for targeting neoantigens, and
clinical trial design to unify data with Nykode Therapeutics, Immunetune and Vaximm

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Harness the power of dark antigens for a brighter future for cancer patients by learning from pioneers in the field including Enara Bio, Medigene and Grey Wolf Therapeutics

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Assess clinical efficacy through utilising combination therapies to maximise anti-tumour immune activity with PDC*line Pharma and Targovax

2022 World-Class Speakers Included

Hear What Our Previous Attendees Have To Say

ludwig cancer research

‘The relevance of neoantigens in the clinical efficacy of immunotherapy is beyond doubt. However serveral fundamental and practical questions remain unanswered and this meeting is an opportunity to discuss these issues with experts of the field. ’

Alexandre Harari

Group Leader, Department of Oncology UNIL CHUV, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Lausanne

netherlands cancer institute

‘Targeting neoantigens will be the next wave of cellular therapy. I have very high expectations on the clinical activity of neoantigen directed therapies.’

Joost van den Berg

Head of Facility Pharmacist, Netherlands Cancer Institute