Returning in April 2020


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Join the Exploding Neoantigens Community

Across 3 days of the European NeoAg Summit, you will meet 100+ experts focused in advancing neoantigen targeting, ensuring you meet the right people and have valuable conversations in intimate settings of workshops, roundtables and networking sessions.

With an exclusively case-study led agenda, this year’s meeting will focus on:

  • Successfully eliciting potent immune response to neoantigens
  • Understanding the regulatory requirements in the clinical development of neoantigen based therapies
  • The most up-to-date clinical experiences of neoantigen personalised cancer immunotherapy

Download the full event guide to view the outstanding speaker line-up.

Gain the practical insights you need to improve the immune response and commercial viability of your neoantigen based cancer immunotherapy this year.

Hear What Past Neoantigen Summit Attendees Have To Say:

“This meeting was the most comprehensive survey of the emerging field of  neoantigen based therapeutics. This was a well organized conference with excellent speakers.”

– Charles Nicolette, Argos Therapeutics

“This meeting was a very efficient way to meet the companies and hear the main players in the field discuss the technologies and the clinical endeavors to use neoantigens in various types of immunotherapy.”

– Dolores Schendel, Medigene