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 GenScript Interview

Raymond Miller, Ph.D. Senior Global Product Manager, Therapeutic Materials GenScript Biotech Corporation

Using Predictive Bioinformatics Algorithms to Determine Neoantigen Peptide Synthesis Difficulty & Subsequent Production Methodology

Past Presentations from the Neoantigen Event Series

Jessica Baker Flechtner, Chief Scientific Officer, Genocea Biosciences

Beyond Algorithms: The ATLAS Bioassay Method for Neoantigen Identification and Characterization


Andrew Allen, CEO, Gritstone Oncology

Using Normal Immune Responses as Engine for Cancer Immunotherapy


Gavin MacBeath, Chief Scientific Officer, TScan Therapeutics

A Genome-Wide Approach to Discovering Novel Targets & TCRs for T-Cell Therapy


Hans-Peter Gerber, CSO & SVP, 3T Biosciences

Identification of Novel Shared Targets in Solid Tumors