Partnership Opportunities

Are you actively looking to work with pharma and biotech companies developing personalised cancer therapeutics?

The Neoantigen Series provides the only end-to-end industry dedicated forums focused on the challenges faced by pharma, biotech, and academia looking to advance neoantigen targeting immunotherapies.

Senior decision-makers from pharmaceutical and biotech companies are actively seeking partners with reliable and scientifically robust solutions to support their research efforts.

Partnering with the Neoantigen Summit Europe will ensure you capitalise on the market share early, cement your position as an industry leader and support the growth in next-generation immunotherapies.

Why Sponsor?

  • Showcase your expertise and educate the industry on how you can support and streamline their efforts
  • Build new relationships via targeted networking with senior level decision makers from leading pharma and biotech organisations
  • Drive your brand and cement your reputation to maximise exposure and differentiate yourself from competitors

Available Partnership Opportunities Include

speech-bubble (1)
round-table (1)
vip (1)
museum (1)

Speaking Opportunities

Position yourself as a thought leader and educate your market

Panel Moderator

Curate and drive the conversation alongside leaders of the field

Roundtable Leader

Interact intimately with your market audience to understand their needs

Exclusive VIP Hosting

Build or cement relationships through informal channels


Have your flag in the ground and let the onsite community know where you are