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We would like to thank all our partners for choosing to support the Neoantigen Summit Europe 2022.

Find out more about each of our sponsors by reading their summary biographies or visiting their websites. To learn about our bespoke partnership opportunities and how you can get your brand in front of our dedicated neoantigen audience, view our why partner page, download the event guide or get in touch with us.

NEC OncoImmunity


NEC OncoImmunity is a bioinformatics company offering proprietary machinelearning based software to address the key knowledge gaps in the prediction of bone fide immunogenic neo-antigens for personalized cancer immunotherapy. NEC OncoImmunity is dedicated to develop software solutions that facilitate effective patient selection for cancer immunotherapy, and identify optimal neoantigen targets for truly personalised cancer vaccines & cell therapies in clinically actionable time-frame.



Personalis, Inc. is a growing cancer genomics company transforming the development of next-generation therapies by providing more comprehensive molecular data about each patient's cancer and immune response. The company’s NeXT™ Platform is designed to adapt to the complex and evolving understanding of cancer, providing its biopharmaceutical customers with information on all of the approximately 20,000 human genes, together with the immune system, from a single tissue sample. The Personalis Clinical Laboratory is GxP aligned as well as CLIA’88-certified and CAP-accredited.



GenScript Biotech Corporation (Stock Code: 1548.HK) is a global biotechnology group. GenScript’s businesses encompass four major categories based on its leading gene synthesis technology, including operation as a Life Science CRO (gene, peptide, protein, antibody services), enzyme and synthetic biology products, biologics development and manufacturing (Cell line development, leads discovery, leads generation and development), as well as cell therapy.



Almac has been supplying peptides to the research community and for clinical trials for over 20 years. The field of personalized cancer vaccines requires a new manufacturing paradigm to ensure high throughput manufacture of multiple neoantigens in an appropriate timescale to the required quality and regulatory standards. Almac has created a unique offering to meet all of those demands, which can be tailored to meet specific client needs.



Gyros Protein Technologies AB is a leading provider of solutions for peptide synthesis and bioanalysis. Automated multi-channel peptide synthesizers from Gyros Protein Technologies are used in cGMP facilities for the rapid production of peptides for personalized medicine.

Our focus is on helping scientists in industry and academia to increase productivity in research, drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development. The company combines the nanoliter-scale immunoassay expertise of Gyros with over three decades of instrument manufacturing experience and scientific knowledge in peptide synthesis found in Protein Technologies.

Gyros Protein Technologies is a division of Mesa Laboratories.



Cayman’s Immunology and Cellular Metabolism Services can complement your drug discovery efforts. Our Immunopeptidome Profiling Services enable deep sequencing analysis of MHC associated peptides by LC-MS/MS, allowing neoantigen identification in cell lines and tumor tissue. Our Cellular Metabolism Services measure the metabolic response of cells to therapeutics under a wide range of customizable in vitro metabolic environments. Cayman’s expertise in cell culture, immunoassays, antibodies, and assay development provides a complete solution for your research needs.



Robust and efficient Quality Control testing is critical for the development of personalized cancer vaccines and immunotherapies in order to reduce time to market and improve patient outcomes. Developers, producers need QC testing  which help de-risk their product development pipeline by preventing adventitious agent contamination and cell lines misidentification. To meet those objectives, PathoQuest offers advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) solutions that supplement or replace traditional methods and support the strategic decision-making process. This innovative approach allows for robust and unambiguous level of testing and for faster turnaround time.

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