Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen

Company: Gritstone

Job title: CEO


Does the Exquisite Tumor-Specificity of Neoantigens Render them Excellent Targets for Bispecific Antibody Therapy of Solid Tumors? 3:15 pm

Bispecific antibodies are showing great promise in B cell malignancies where specific B cell markers offer good tumor targets Solid tumors have proven more challenging given lack of suitably tumor-specific targets Neoantigenic HLA-peptide complexes are highly tumor-specific and may provide good targets for TCR-mimetic antibody-based bispecific approachesRead more

day: Track B - Day 1 PM

Personalised Neoantigen Immunotherapy – Demonstrating Priming of CD8+ T cell Responses is a Key Step 4:45 pm

• Typical solid tumor epithelial cells display class I HLA-presented neoantigens (not class II) • Consistent priming of strong CD8+ T cell responses to these neoantigens is likely key to effective immunotherapy • We will show phase one clinical and immunogenicity data from a heterologous prime-boost neoantigen immunotherapy program in solid tumor patientsRead more

day: Day One

Industry Panel to Address the Most Critical Questions for this Nascent & Emerging Therapeutic 5:15 pm

• What is the best neoantigen prediction platform? • What is the most robust approach to identifying the “right” neoantigen? • How to best deliver a neoantigen therapy, vaccine or cell therapy? • What type of vaccine, cell based, virus, RNA, DNA, peptide? • Which approach is safer and more efficacious? • Should the focus be…Read more

day: Day One

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