Conference Day One

Tuesday 25th April 2023

8:00 am Networking Coffee & Registration

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Max Salm Director - Bioinformatics, Achilles Therapeutics

Navigating the Future Outlook of Successful Neoantigen-Based Therapeutics & Vaccines

9:00 am A Thorough Analysis of Neoantigens Used in Cancer Vaccines


  • An exclusive overview of neoantigens in the current cancer vaccine field
  • Examining current trends in the cancer vaccine neoantigen space
  • Navigating possible future directions of the neoantigen industry

9:30 am Navigating Neoantigen-Based Monoclonal Antibodies in Combination with Checkpoint Inhibitors

  • Philip Arlen President & Chief Executive Officer, Precision Biologics


  • Identifying tumour neoantigens
  • Determining the function of antibodies targeting the neoantigens
  • Providing justification for combining with checkpoint inhibitors 

10:00 am Personalis NeXT Platform: A Comprehensive Platform for Tissue and Plasma Profiling to Enable Personalised Medicine


  • ImmunoID NeXT enables tumor tissue-based immunogenomics profiling, accurate assessment of mutational landscape and putative neoantigens from analytically validated exome and transcriptome assays, state-of-the-art neoantigen presentation and binding predictions built upon high quality immunopeptidomics training data, and multiple other emerging biomarkers, all from a single sample
  • In parallel, NeXT Personal is an ultrasensitive tumor-informed plasma-based assay, designed to detect molecular residual disease and cancer recurrence at earlier timepoints, with simultaneous longitudinal variant tracking for additional insight into disease progression

10:30 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


As the community of individuals working to progress neoantigen therapies is united, this valuable session will ensure you can reconnect with your peers to make new and lasting connections, as all attendees will have the opportunity to meet and network with academic and industry colleagues 

11:30 am Employing Oral Bacteria-Based DNA Vaccine Targeting Neoantigens


  • Identifying neoantigen-specific immune responses
  • Highlighting the benefits of oral administration
  • Implementing a comprehensive set of biomarkers in checkpoint inhibitor combination studies to assess the neoantigen-treatment-related effect

Leveraging Key Methods & Innovative Tools/Technology for Efficacious Neoantigen Prediction & Delivery

12:00 pm Examining Second Generation Cancer Vaccines


  • Understanding how the bulk of neoantigens within the exome are SNPs, mostly resulting in single amino acid changes, necessitating the selection of neoantigens predicted to be immunogenic
  • Evaluating how current technology allows fast Whole Genome Sequencing, deep long-read sequencing of intact complete mRNAs, and the bioinformatics capacity to handle this information
  • Examining how using this approach we design vaccines that contain 10-100 times more potentially antigenic neo-antigenic amino acids 

12:30 pm Examining the Identification of Patient-Specific CD4+ & CD8+ T-Cell Neoantigens Through HLA-Unbiased Genetic Screens DIGITAL

  • Wouter Scheper Postdoctoral Fellow, Tumor Immunology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute


  • Analysing complex libraries of t-cell isotopes
  • Dissecting specificities and functionalities of tumour-infiltrating T-cells
  • Identifying T cell-recognised neoantigens in individual cancer patients using functional genetic screens

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

2:00 pm Utilising the Adaptable Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADAC) Technology

  • Pierre Dönnes Founder & Vice President, Neoantigen Discovery, Strike Pharma


  • Showcasing targeted delivery of neoantigens to APCs using the Adaptable Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADAC) technology
  • Improving T-cell expansion/activation using ADAC
  • Examining the flexibility of ADACs affinity-based technology in a personalised setting

2:30 pm Assessing Immunogenicity & Clinical Activity of Neoantigen Vaccine TG4050


  • Presenting TG4050, a viral based neoantigen cancer vaccine tailored to each patient mutanome using in silico target prediction
  • Examining TG4050 as an adjuvant to frontline therapy in respectable Ovarian cancer and Head and Neck cancer
  • Understanding how TG4050 has shown high immunogenicity in patients as well as clinical activity in residual tumours

3:00 pm Evaluating Personalised Tumour-Trained Lymphocytes (pTTL), a Novel, Neoantigen-Targeting T-Cell Therapy Derived from Tumour-Draining Lymph Nodes

  • Ola Nilsson Head of Neoantigen Development, NEOGAP Therapeutics


  • Showcasing how personalised Tumour-Trained Lymphocytes (pTTL) can be applied in any cancer expressing targetable neoantigens, using the computerised system PIOR® Manufacturing for neoantigen prediction and selection
  • Understanding how the EpiTCer® technology offers a novel approach for efficient antigen delivery, natural processing, and tumour-specific T-cell activation
  • Examining how pTTL is produced in a controlled and reproducible GMP manufacturing process and consists of autologous T cells derived from regional lymph nodes
  • Presenting a First-in Human trial of pTTL for colorectal cancer

3:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break

4:00 pm Showcasing Individualised Neoantigen Discovery Platform


  • Understanding HLA-restricted neoantigen target complexity with cell-based assays
  • Validating neoantigen targets with T-cell Receptor reagents derived by rapid multiplex discovery
  • Considering TCR potency and safety trade-off for HLA-restricted neoantigens

4:30 pm A Exclusive Look at EVX-01, an AI-Powered Personalised Immunotherapy in Metastatic Melanoma


  • Showcasing EVX-01 is a peptide-based immunotherapy
  • Examining why each vaccine is designed specifically for the individual patient using AI
  • Learning how a Phase 2 Trial has been initiated, and clinical results expected end of 2023
  • A thorough review of the development programme with a specific focus on the clinical trials

5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day One

  • Max Salm Director - Bioinformatics, Achilles Therapeutics